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for Black & Brown Female Founders with companies generating over $1 million annually in gross revenue

Join a group of AMAZING moguls who took the risks...and succeeded

No one gives you a manual on how to be the boss. So every difficult decision falls on you.

Any miscalculation, any mistake, could have drastic consequences. Running a growth company is like driving a motorcycle 100 mph in traffic. Without proper direction, you may luck out and do well. Or you could crash and lose everything.

I’m Adrienne Graham, Business Growth Strategist, serial entrepreneur, investor, and CEO & Founder of Mogul Chix. My mission is to build confidence and elevate¬† leadership in Black & Brown Female Founders and help them build continued PROFITABILITY in their companies. I am solely focused on delivering powerful & measurable results; providing direct strategies to achieve next level success; opening the eyes, ears, minds and hearts to new ways of doing business; and making the uncomfortable comfortable. I’m building MOGULS who build 7, 8 and 9+ figure COMPANIES.


Imagine having a place to go where everyone understands you and your growing pains

When I first started out, I didn’t have a group or even a person I could turn to when I was trying to figure it all out. There were no social media groups. There were no support groups for Black & Brown Women CEOs on the fast track, and if there were, they weren’t readily available to me. I was alone on an island.

I had no team, no coach, no mentor, no group that I could turn to for asking questions or getting feedback. I was making money, but I was drowning. There were days I craved to be around like minds to help me solve the problems I was encountering. It forced me to get creative and figure it out by myself. I don’t want you to have to figure it out by yourself. I created the Mogul Circle so you don’t have to.

If you are unclear about your next level steps, stalled in a comfort zone, have a pressing issue that’s blocking your growth (or revenue potential), or just ready to step into the fast lane to build a legacy and generational wealth, you are in the right place.


To guide, nurture & accelerate a cultivated community of proven Black & Brown Female Founders who are at the point of scale up & have the potential for powerful growth. To build a community and provide resources, training and advisory services for more clarity, better strategy, faster growth and accelerated wealth...elevating them to "Mogul" status.

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The Mogul Circle has an elite, high level, robust offering for members.

In-Person Chapter Networking

Meet in person monthly with your local peers to bounce ideas off one another, get feedback on strategies, clarity, focus & accountability from like-minds, and do real business while cultivating relationships.

Weekly Office Hours

Weekly office hours designed in 15 minute increments to answer quick questions or one-off questions in between masterminds and strategy sessions. (M-F 10AM – 3PM EST, as available).

Accountability Calls

One on one quarterly accountability calls with Adrienne Graham to follow up on your progress. Private 30 minute calls to keep up on what’s happening with you & in your company.

Quarterly Masterminds

Be part of quarterly, membership-wide topic-specific masterminds that are designed to actually help you solve a problem, flesh out an idea, make a move and/or build something great. Tap into the collective to help you figure it all out.

Master Talk Series

Attend topic-specific Master Talks with incredibly successful women (7+ figure sisters!), who will share their personal journeys, share advice, & give you straight talk on what it takes to succeed in business. And they’re only available to members!

Access to VCs & Angels

Enjoy access to our carefully curated list of VCs and Angel Investors who are looking to fund black and brown businesses. They’ve been nurtured through relationships and engagement and have specific criteria for funding. Get to know them.

Annual Business Audit

A business analysis to observe and inspect the health and well being of your company and identify any potential issues or threats. Also review your business and revenue models to ensure they are still viable. ($1,500 value)

Our Private Forums

We’ve created our own private custom forums. We don’t use any social media platform to house our conversations. We believe in privacy and the ability to control our own forum to eliminate distractions.

Quarterly Hot Seat

Every quarter, 3 members gets to present their company for critique. This allows the group to provide feedback and group accountability, as well as valuable learning lessons for all.

Access to Vetted Deals

Be able to find opportunities that have been vetted. Get help in bidding and/or proposal processes to land deals. 

Angel Investor Training

Attend our Angel Investing Bootcamp for free! Learn all the ins and outs of becoming an Angel Investor so you can invest & fund deals. ($3,500 value)

Language Immersion/Int’l Trips

Learn foreign languages and join cohorts to get the immersive experience of doing business abroad in different countries.

1 on 1 CEO Advisory Sessions

Deep dive, private sessions focusing on leadership and the CEO to guide growth, manage priorities, track progress & help you better leverage your relationships & resources. ($1,500 value each)

Networking Opportunities

Get to know incredible like-minded women, potential investors, powerful business leaders and more. Take your network to the next level.

Access to Business Education

Enjoy FREE access to select workshops, courses and mastery classes at Mogul Chix Academy.

Job Board Postings

Get access to carefully cultivated database of talent. Stop using spreadsheets & email to manage your searches. Post jobs and request resume submissions for your open positions. 

Book Club

Join us for our monthly Book Club selection where we’ll read the chosen book and have a down and dirty discussion on how to implement strategies from the book. Receive a free copy of a book each month.

Professional Business Services Consortium

Enjoy access & discounts to our selected business professional partnerships to enjoy services at a healthy discount (accounting, HR, legal, marketing, etc). (Massive savings)

* Members can make on annual payment or pay monthly.*
Monthly Circle Membership
Per Month

Annual membership to The Mogul Circle. A 12 month membership subscription billed every month.

Topic-specific Masterminds
Topic-specific Master Talks Series
In-Person Networking Sessions
Access to vetted deals
Facilitation of partnerships & JVs
Preparation to pitch for funding
Access to VCs & Angels for funding opportunities
Angel Investor Bootcamp
Q&A discussions with successful entrepreneurs
Office Hours- 1 on 1 quick advisory calls with an expert (not a coach)
Access to the Professional Business Services Consortium
Private Members Only Events
Annual Business Audit
Accountability Calls
Tools to Manage & Run Your Business
Free Job Postings
Quarterly Hot Seat Sessions
Business & Leadership Guidance
Deal Flow Assistance
1 on 1 Advisory Sessions
Access to Private Forums
Book Club (1 free book per month)
Discounts on Business Services
Structured Networking
Happy Hour De-Stress Sessions
REAL Valuable Mentorship
FREE admission to the annual CEO Retreat