Business Strategy Day

Strategy Days allows us to work with you in a full day onsite session with (or without) your team. We focus on identifying the most prominent obstacles, and creating implementable strategy to rectify the problem. They are ideal for clients who have multiple trouble spots in their business and want someone to walk them through creating strategies for each issue.
Strategy Days are all-hands-on-deck sessions we spend at the client’s site and collaborates with them to put together step-by-step strategies to solve various business issues, and introduce objectivity and a fresh perspective to a problem. The sessions give them a chance to watch the strategies unfold, ask questions and provide input, ensure key team members understand the strategies, be able to make sense of the solution before they execute, and understand how to implement each strategy. Please see breakdown of areas we work on with clients. Clients articulate specific objectives and vision of desired outcomes. We provide detailed strategy mapping for each area of concern, develop customized, comprehensive action plans, recommend ideal resources and tools, and provide milestone checklists for clients to follow and implement on their own. Six months of ongoing support is available to clients.
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