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Adrienne Graham | Mogul Chix
I’m Adrienne Graham, serial entrepreneur, investor, and CEO & Founder of Mogul Chix (a global company and community for Female Founders (especially Women of Color) of high growth companies). My mission is to build confidence, leadership & PROFITABILITY in Female Founders. I am solely focused on delivering powerful & measurable results; providing direct strategies to achieve next level success; open the eyes, ears, minds and hearts to new ways of doing business; and making the uncomfortable comfortable. I’m building MOGULS who build 7, 8 and 9+ figure COMPANIES.
I’ve been called a badass Strategic Business Growth Advisor who helps grown ass businesswomen build grown ass companies. I’m a disrupter not afraid to aim high & I never want to be the smartest person in the room. I’ve been creating learning platforms for women in business since the early 2000’s.
I saw there was a huge gap between the number of women-founded companies and male founded companies getting investment dollars. I noticed an even deeper problem for women of color getting access to investment dollars. Knowing that building solid, sustainable growth companies was key to attracting investment dollars, I set out to create a platform and community for women to do just that.
I work with women to grow, scale & make their companies investment ready. I works with clients in creating processes, systems and strategies to effectively scale, run, grow and position them for success. I created Mogul Chix Academy, a structured growth accelerator for female founders, and Mogul Chix Chat, a business talk podcast providing weekly doses of growth tips, a motivational word, the occasional read (when necessary) and conversations with successful high-earning, high-achieving entrepreneurs.
Armed with 24 years of business and entrepreneurial experience, my background includes staffing & HR, diversity, operations planning, product & service optimization, revenue planning, tech & digital platforms, customer experience design, training, business growth, global expansion and content production. I’ve been featured in publications, radio and TV shows including Black Enterprise Magazine, Forbes Magazine, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fox Business, MSNBC, Essence Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Financial Times and more.
I’m an award winning radio show host, published author, speaker, a former mentor for the Straight Shot Accelerator in Omaha, NE, and former contributor to Forbes.
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