Learn how to make Angel Investing a profitable part of your investing strategy.
Have you always wanted to learn about angel investing? Do you have disposable income that you can afford to invest for the long term? Does investing in up and coming companies excite you? Look no further. You're in the right place!
About Angel Investing
What angel investing is, differentiating between angel network and angel groups, and pros & cons of angel investing.
How Angel Investing Works
What you need to know about the risks becoming an angel investor, determining if angel investing is right for you, and what steps to take to become an angel investor.
Portfolio Strategies
Setting investment goals, choosing the right portfolio fit, asset allocation, protecting your investments, and understanding your financial situation.
How to Invest
How to spot investable companies, how to determine the types of companies to invest in, and the fundamentals of due diligence.
Networking Strategies
Building a pipeline and relationships, where to meet other angels, how to filter angel groups, how to approach companies, and how to respond to blind inquiries from companies.
Angel Investing Bootcamp Preview
Learn all about the Mogul Chix Angel Bootcamp. Full details about the in depth two day program that gives you the training you need to become a confident angel investor.
Your Instructor
Adrienne Graham is the Founder of Mogul Chix, a global company and community for female founders. She is a Strategic Business Growth Advisor who helps businesswomen grow and scale companies to get investment ready. She is the very essence of a Serial Entrepreneur. She consults high growth companies and works with clients in creating processes and strategies to effectively scale, run, grow and position their business for success. She created Mogul Chix Academy, a structured growth accelerator for female founders, Funding School, to prepare female founders to position their companies to pitch and have a better chance at receiving investment dollars, Mogul Chix Angels to train women to become accredited angel investors, and Mogul Chix Ventures, an invitation-only fund for women of color to invest in growth companies. Her background includes staffing & HR, diversity, operations planning, product & service optimization, revenue planning, automation & digital platforms, customer experience design, global expansion planning and content production. Adrienne launched her very first company in 1994- a staffing agency. She is an investor, serial entrepreneur, mentor, podcast host and published author.
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